Practical, Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business Reopening

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It will come as no surprise to you that 2020 was an especially rough year for small businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses didn’t survive it. So, if you’re in a position where you can reopen, it’s critical that you take advantage of the opportunity. One way to do that is to spend time figuring out how you can market your reopening to customers and potential customers. Breezy Colors Design shares some practical examples of how you can do that.

Evaluate Your Business and Budget 

Start by taking a close look at your current business situation. Chances are you will need to make some significant adjustments both operationally and financially. For instance, you might need to consider enacting more stringent sanitation and hygiene protocols among your staff. You may need to provide customers with hand sanitizer and masks, establish social distancing markers, and take any other steps to ensure the safety of all parties.

Assess your budget. What costs can you cut to put your company in a better position to open safely and effectively, as well as market your reopening? One affordable method of evaluating your finances is to use an online business balance sheet that will automatically collect all your financial data and allow you to access it easily whenever you need it. It’s also a good idea to purchase printable stationery such as planner refills and order forms (which are more affordable than buying printed products). That way, you can stay organized and have all the info in front of you so you’re prepared to make important business decisions.

Last but not least, you need to take a good look at your payroll setup. Payroll can get pretty complex, so it’s important that you understand all of the laws and how they apply to you. Fortunately, software packages like QuickBooks offer employer resources that make staying on the right side of the law easier than ever. That being said, always familiarize yourself with how the laws and regulations are applicable to your business; at the end of the day, you are the one who will be responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly.

Research Other Businesses

Along with getting your finances together, look into other businesses to see how they’re responding to the pandemic. This means local businesses, global businesses, and everything in between. Assess the operational and marketing strategies they’ve implemented, and research how it has helped or hurt their success. This is a great way to see what’s working. 

Develop Your Message

Remember that the main point of marketing is communicating to people why they need your product or service. It all comes down to fulfilling a need or want and convincing people that your business can do it. Since the pandemic hit, needs have changed — in some cases dramatically. Make sure you are in tune with your customers locally and beyond, and, as PRWeek suggests, craft your primary marketing message around how your company can add to their lives.

Go digital

Print marketing isn’t dead, but there’s no question digital marketing is king. And it will be for the foreseeable future. Rather than cutting back on your marketing, go all-in on digital marketing. A lot of companies are reducing their marketing capacity, which means you can fill the void. 

Engage your audience on social media. Embrace email marketing. Upgrade your website to look better, work better, and provide better content. Create a mobile app that meets the needs of your customers. These are just a few of many examples of how you can spread the word about your reopening digitally. 

Stay creative

Your company has specific products or services that you offer the public. Some of your offerings may not help customers like they once did. Now is the time to make some adjustments and give people what they need at this moment. suggests considering whether marketing to a different demographic or industry would be more beneficial to you. Additionally, if you sell products in a brick-and-mortar store, and you’re unable to operate at full capacity, then expand your delivery and pickup options. If you provide a service, think of how you can help people who are stuck at home, like creating instructional videos or live-streaming classes, for which you’ll want to use a phone stand to aid with making the recording. These days, remaining creative and adaptable is essential for success.

You’re ready to reopen; now it’s time to tell people about it. Assess where your business stands, and look at what other companies are doing in the midst of the pandemic. Craft a meaningful message that will resonate with your customers, and take advantage of digital marketing. Lastly, stay creative and flexible as you navigate the weeks and months ahead.

Disclaimer: This article is written by Tina Martin. Please note that by posting this article, we are not endorsing any products or services nor do we make any commitments on the accuracy or representation of the subject matter.

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Tina Martin stays busy as a life coach and works hard to help herself and her clients achieve a healthy work-life balance. She started Ideaspired as a side project to reach as many people as possible, and encourage them to put their dreams first.


Tina Martin stays busy as a life coach and works hard to help herself and her clients achieve a healthy work-life balance. She started Ideaspired as a side project to reach as many people as possible, and encourage them to put their dreams first.