Order Book -Boho Style


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Order Book – Boho Style

You deserve an order book that’s simple, beautiful, and easy to use. No more time wasted on trying to organize paper orders, or chasing down where you left your notebook. With this boho-style order book, you can keep track of your customers and their orders, as well as write down customer information, order details, payment confirmation, and more.Β The order book has everything you need to keep track of your little business.


βˆ™ Business Information x 1
βˆ™ Order Log x 4
βˆ™ Order Form x 100
βˆ™ Notes x 5

βˆ™ The order log columns include: Order Date, Order Number, Total, Done (checkbox), Remark
βˆ™ The order form includes 5 sections:
1. Order Information: Order Date, Order Number
2. Client: Contact Information
3. Order Details
4. Notes
5. Confirmation: Subtotal, Tax, Delivery, Discount, Total, and Deposit

βˆ™ Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (US Letter)
βˆ™ Pages: 110 pages / 55 sheets
βˆ™ Cover: Glossy cover
βˆ™ Spiral Binding
βˆ™ Printed in the USA, Canada,Β Australia, and the United Kingdom

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