Order Book - Floral Design


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Order Book – Floral Design

Stay organized and beautifully display your client information with this floral-themed order book. With a clear layout with a structured lined order field, it has everything you need to keep track of your orders.

βˆ™ Business Information x 1
βˆ™ Order Log x 4
βˆ™ Order Form x 100
βˆ™ Notes x 5

βˆ™ The order log columns include: Order Date, Order Number, Total, Status, Remark
βˆ™ The order form includes 5 sections:
1. Order Information: Order Date, Order Number
2. Customer: Name, Phone, E-mail, Address
3. Order Details
4. Notes
5. Confirmation: Shipping, Confirmation

βˆ™ Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (US Letter)
βˆ™ Pages: 110 pages / 55 sheets
βˆ™ Cover: Glossy cover
βˆ™ Spiral Binding
βˆ™ Printed in the USA, Canada,Β Australia, and the United Kingdom

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