The Best Time-Saving Apps for Small Business Owners

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When you run a small business, every second counts. Just think of how much you could get done with an extra hour in your day! Would you use this extra time to catch up on business tasks? Would you spend it with your family? Would you dedicate it to self-care? 

However you spend it, creating more free time in your day can have a positive impact on your stress levels, relationships, quality of life, and your performance as a business owner. With the help of time-saving apps like the ones we recommend below, you can get more done in less time, freeing up your schedule for the things that matter to you!

Think Beyond Apps

Apps can’t do everything. While digital tools will save you a lot of time, pen and paper are still valuable for productivity. Since paper note-taking and organizational systems are freeform, they give you complete control to write and sketch ideas however you like.

Breezy Colors Design offers notebooks, clipboards, order forms, and stationery templates featuring beautiful designs to help you stay organized as you run your business. By using a combination of these paper organizational systems and digital tools, you get the best of both worlds!

Social Media Content Creation

As Buffer explains, being active on social media platforms like Instagram is important for spreading brand awareness, showcasing your business, building engagement, and increasing your sales. But you don’t have time to spend hours every day creating social media graphics and eye-catching posts for Instagram. 

Instead, use an Instagram post maker to create content based on professionally designed templates and design assets. Using these tools, you can customize the font, text, colors, designs, and size of each post to make it your own!

Effortless Accounting Software

It’s no secret that administrative tasks take a lot of time. Accounting can be particularly time-consuming, especially if you’re still using spreadsheets to record and track your financial data. Look for an accounting solution that will consolidate all of your accounting processes into a single application. 

A great accounting app will also automate many of your bookkeeping projects, including sending invoices, paying employees, and preparing for tax season. Many accounting applications are designed to integrate seamlessly with other tools like popular inventory tracking apps and point of sale systems. Not only will this save you a lot of time, but it can also reduce the risk of costly accounting errors. 

Project Management Apps

If you want to give your business a productivity boost, don’t overlook project management apps. Even the smallest businesses can benefit from project management tools! These tools are designed to help you plan and organize your various business projects as efficiently as possible. 

With a project management app, you can delegate work to team members, assign deadlines, create to-do lists, upload documents, comment on projects, and oversee progress from a single platform. This will make it much easier for your team to collaborate! To get the most out of your project management system, look for an app that offers integration with other productivity tools like Slack and Google Drive.

Customer Support Tools

Customer service is another element of business that can take up a lot of time. Picking up customer support calls and managing back-and-forth emails makes it tough to focus on anything else. HubSpot recommends using customer relationship management (CRM) apps that let you record and store customer information, support tickets, and service issues in one central location. 

CRM tools make it easy to collaborate with team members on customer support issues without bothering the customer for the same information over and over again. At the same time, your salespeople will be able to use your customer data to create more effective marketing campaigns! 

Business owners spend more time working than regular employees. With a packed schedule and countless responsibilities, achieving a work-life balance can seem near impossible. Take advantage of time-saving apps that will boost your productivity and help you take your life back!

Breezy Colors Design specializes in beautiful notebooks, clipboards, order forms, and printables like planner refills and writing paper to help you organize your business and life. Check out the website to build your custom organizational solution today!

Disclaimer: This article is written by Carla Lopez. Please note that by posting this article, we are not endorsing any products or services nor do we make any commitments on the accuracy or representation of the subject matter.

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Carla Lopez

Carla Lopez

I kept my entrepreneurial spirit even after retiring a couple of years ago. I created for retirees who still desire to work and achieve - a site that offers business resources for people in their golden years.
Carla Lopez

Carla Lopez

I kept my entrepreneurial spirit even after retiring a couple of years ago. I created for retirees who still desire to work and achieve - a site that offers business resources for people in their golden years.